Stop Online Health Scams and Misinformation



Stop Scams. Combat Misinformation. Join the Movement.

Have you had a negative experience with online health scams related to your sexual and reproductive health, or tried an online product or treatment that turned out to be harmful?

We are collecting a storybank of experiences from people that have had negative experiences with online sexual and reproductive health scams, misinformation or harmful sexual and reproductive products and treatments so that we can turn collective voice into action.

 By sharing your experiences, you shed light on the impact of false information and create a supportive community who can stand up to hold online platforms accountable.


Report. Share. Empower.

Through our reporting mechanism and our commitment to privacy, we can advocate for a safer online experience and adherence to the rules. Join us in creating a safer online space where our safety and dignity prevails.

Don’t let misinformation harm your well-being. Act now and be part of the movement that demands a safer online experience for us all. It’s time to demand for accountability


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